Turnaround in The Scotsman's Fortunes

Scotland's leading and highly respected regional newspaper The Scotsman today released figures that will come as a welcome boost to the international fortunes of Thomson Newspapers Ltd.

Against a backdrop of falling circulation and advertising revenue across the industry as a whole The Scotsman today published figures showing that both circulation and advertising revenue had increased for the first time in 177 years. For the period beginning 22nd December and ending 23rd December 2009 circulation had risen 1% to 127 readers while advertising revenue had increased from £1.29 to £1.32.

In a direct response to the better than predicted figures the market share price immediately remained static at 2.1p.

Commenting on the figures Editor John McLegoland said "this is welcome news for the Scotsman during a very difficult time for the industry. Despite having that f*****g SNP administration in Holyrood which i did not f*****g vote for and f*****g hate The Scotsman continues in the face of extreme and damaging nazionalism to uphold it's long held and valued tradition of fair and balanced reporting".

In an attempt to boost sales earlier this year The Scotsman embarked on a recruitment drive that saw the leading and respected columnist David Madcox (pictured right) join the editorial team from the Iona community where he had previously worked as the international correspondent on the successful annual publication 'Christian Winter Sock Knitting: 'Praising Jesus in Natural Fibre'.

In what was seen at the time as a hapless move to increase revenue at The Scotsman, the publication recently began to charge for it's 'in demand' online premium content which has seen readers flocking back in single figures.

Last week it was even reported by shopkeeper in Edinburgh who wished to remain anonymous that a copy of the newspaper was purchased by two successive customers.

John McLegoland added: "I cannae f*****n believe it man, me by ra way, me a lad fae naewhere, naewhere man and look at me now eh....hallo hallo we ar ra Jonny boys...an i'm nae jokin i wiz so happy man i had a wee drink eh an i went roon tae that wee Madcox's hoose and smashed his windaes fur a laugh man....i mind shoutin hey Maddie ya dobber it's me man...me Big Jonny boy..he phoned the rozzers eh"

For a limited period only The Scotsman if offering readers a chance to enjoy an online subscription for the reduced price of £0.12p for 3 months. As a bonus we will also send you our award winning calender for 2010 with pictures of Scotland you have all seen before. Please, if you hate the SNP and even the thought of independence then click on the link below to be re-directed to our 'extra-premium, we promise special, special customers only' page:

David Madcox is winner of the coveted Stratford and Avon Gazette's 'Best Lost and Found Section 2001' award.


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