DJ Sacked After Calling English Queen 'Boring'

A radio DJ has been sacked after interrupting the Queen's speech on-air, telling listeners: "Two words: Bor-ing."

Radio presenter Tom Binns made the comments during a Christmas Day show on Birmingham radio station BRMB.

Binns then made a joke about the French royal family being beheaded and introduced the next song, Last Christmas by Wham!, with the words "from one Queen to another..."

"It's got to the point where comedians aren't allowed to say anything that could possibly offend anyone anymore," he added.

Binns said one listener sent him a message saying he should be sent to Iraq and hoped that he would be killed by a roadside bomb. "Other than that almost all the texts we received were in support of what I'd done."

Shamelessly lifted from the Guardian (click for link and thank them) 30/12/09


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Liz really does look like an old queen now...

Nevsky: said...

So sorry i missed it this year...aye right!

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Did the Chekists get you?

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